• We monitor the money orders clearing the bank and ensure that every item clears for the amount it was issued.

License Assistance

  • Let us provide licensing assistance in the states you do business.

Clearing Bank

  • We have multiple clearing banks to choose from, all of which allow for cashed item image retrieval.

Multiple Issuing Platforms

  • Use your own POS or go with our GFPS Direct issuing platform.

Branded Check Printing

  • Grow your brand by putting your logo on your money orders.

AML Compliance

  • Our system keeps track of issuing and clearing events that could be considered suspicious, and a CAMS certified specialist is on staff to help you stay compliant.

ACH Ability

  • We can generate reports daily allowing you to ensure your agents send you the exact amount they sold.

24/7 IVR & Tech Support

  • Customer service never stops, our IVR is available at all times to check a money order status, and a member of staff is on call to ensure you keep selling.

Web Based Reporting

  • Access your sales information in near real time with our web based reporting.

Claims Customer Service

  • If a customer's money order is lost or stolen we have a full service claims department to help them get the money back.

Inventory Maintenance

  • We automatically monitor all locations' inventory and send out refill stock as needed.

Exam/Audit Support

  • We can provide any information the law requires if you should be audited; our data and systems provide the necessary information to help you.

POS Integration

  • You can use your current point of sale to issue your money orders; integration with the printer is easy to program and the information it sends to us is even easier.