A system built for your Profit

Reconciliation and Clearing

Our data processing was built from the ground up for your money order company's benefit. We can ensure daily reconciliation balancing to the penny and, along with our many industry connections, we can provide clearing services at extremely competitive rates.


Every financial service company must remain compliant. Detecting suspicious activity in both issuing and clearing is automatic in our system; you get to choose your detection levels, we generate reports telling you when those purchases have happened.

With a CAMS specialist on staff we can offer an initial review of cases allowing you to make educated decisions about cases. We take the burden of detecting and analyzing suspicious activities while you remain in control with final decisions on all such cases.

any time reporting

Our custom web based reporting allows you to have access to your company's sales data anytime. Show your sales from a single location or see company wide data, get detailed information on each money order issued or see daily totals.

In addition to seeing company wide statistics, your locations, with approval can have access to their own sales data at anytime. This feature allows full size custom reports from just that location's data to be run at the agent's convenience.

Customer and Technical Service

Money order companies are about the customers, and when a customer wants information we believe they should get it. Our IVR system allows a customer to check the status of their money order 24/7/365. If a customer need more information one of our trained staff will help your customer get the answers they need.

Customer service does not stop at phone calls. We offer complete lost and stolen claims processing for your customer's benefit. If a customer loses their money order, has it stolen, or accidentally destroys it, they can submit a claim to have their money order re-issued to them. Only non-cleared items can be replaced so there is no loss for your company. If an item is cleared, the customer can receive a front and back image of their cashed money order so they can prove who cashed it.

Sometimes your agents need support as well. We monitor your agent's money order stock and send additional stock automatically. This process allows your agents to remain focused on customer service. If any technical problems should arise we have 24/7 technical support able to assist with those issues.

Nationwide Reach

Our clients have agents across the country. We service all the data, clearing, and customer service from all of our clients' agents, while automatically monitoring money order stock and providing 24/7 technical support. Our distribution warehouse in the central US allows us to serve agents on both coasts in equal shipping times, and provide additional requested supplies quickly regardless of where they are in the US. Automatic stock monitoring keeps your agents printing without any additional work by your company. We also can help with your licensing assistance in all 50 states and Puerto Rico.